11 Handy Tips to Keep Your Home Spick and Span

As much as we all hate to do it, cleaning is part of adulting, especially if you have your own place. Once you’re the only person cleaning up after yourself, you’ll start to realise that by midweek, your house may start to be messy. Dirty dishes, laundry, and dusty surfaces pile up until cleaning your home becomes a dread.

What’s the trick? There’s no absolute and true trick to cleaning your own place. One big piece of advice we can give is discipline. Having self-discipline really helps you and your partner to avoid having to wash large amounts of dishes, or laundry.


Here are some really handy tips that will help you to keep a clean house.

Have baskets or containers that are labeled.
Whether in your kitchen, or your storage cupboard. It always looks organised to have things that are kept in their boxes, and labeled. Having things lying around, will be an eye-sore. Of course, this means that you would need to make sure you keep things back to where they belong.

Clean as you go.

If you notice a piece of tissue, or wrapper on the floor. Pick it up and throw it away, even if it is not yours. Leaving things where they are will lead to a bad habit of not cleaning as you go. When you are cleaning.

Make your bed once you get up.

When you wake up, instead of stumbling to the bathroom, make your bed first. Starting your day right really helps the attitude of cleaning up after yourself.

A key stand by your door

Having a small standing table by your door helps. You just need to put a bowl, where you can put your house keys, and letterbox keys easily after you reach home. This way, you’re not leaving your keys lying around the house. You can get a table that comes with a drawer so that you can keep your letters organised.

Wash your laundry daily

When you come home, just pop your dirty laundry into the washing machine. This way, before you go to sleep, you can hand your clothes, or put them in the dryer, and they will be dry the next morning. If not, you can always wash your laundry before you go to bed, and dry them as part of your morning routine.

Sweep and mop daily

Sweeping and mopping daily is more important than you think. All you need to do is put aside 20 minutes of your morning to keep your house dust free. This makes sure that dust doesn’t build up in the nook and crannies of your home. Of course, if you really can’t do this everyday, you can set alternate days.

Wash your dishes after use

After each meal, make sure there aren’t any dishes left in the sink. If you’re not diligent, a few plates will turn into a pile and that’s where things get tiresome.

Clean as you cook

When you are cooking, don’t pile up your used pots and pans in the sink. If you’re done with a spoon, or pan, quickly wash it and put it on the drying rack. This way, yoru workload doesn’t seem so huge when you are done cooking.

Set a laundry routine for household items

When it comes to your bedsheets, couch covers, and rugs, you may want to give yourself a schedule so that you are not piled with laundry. Decide how often you want to wash your bedsheets and covers. For example, you can wash bed sheets one week, couch covers the next, and rugs and mats in the following week.

Have a supply of things

In your storage cupboard, make sure that you always have a supply of household items. This is where the labeled boxes come in handy. You should always have a few bottles of your essentials such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, and dishwashing soap. Make a list of the things you need to keep. Once your supply is has 1 or 2 bottles left, buy them again so that you never run out.

Clear the trash daily

If you want to be extra clean. You can even set a house rule where food and drinks can only be disposed of in the kitchen waste bin. This lets the other bins in the house stay clean and dry. Once a day, just quickly go around the house clearing the bins so that rubbish doesn’t stink up the rooms.

Keep these tips to help yourself in keeping your house clean. Of course, you should discuss a schedule with your partner or family members so that everyone plays a part in the household. You can assign roles for each person to do daily, or take turns being the sole person doing the cleaning for the day. It really is up to you. Do whatever works, and feel free to adjust your schedule according to your preferences.