A new house: Getting things in order

If you haven’t read our article on the first steps you should take when you move into a new house, you should. For starters, you would want to get everything in order such as your billing information, updating your official addresses, and making sure your utilities are running. 

Even though making sure your personal details are updated, there are of course some things which need updating that are not too urgent. To start off, you can make a simple list in your notes app on your phone. Organize it so that the things that need to be updated come first. 

We definitely recommend that you ensure that all your utilities are running first. You’re going to want a nice shower and hot coffee in the morning, right? If your flat was previously unoccupied, you most likely do not have any utilities running. You will need to set up a turn-on appointment with SP utilities. You will need to create an account online or download their app. If you are purchasing a BTO (build-to-order) flat, you don’t have to set up a turn on appointment as utilities are turned on before you move in. 

One of the first things you definitely need to update is your identity card. You can either head down to your nearest police station or update your residential address online. Then, you can start thinking about your cards. If you have several cards, you would need to update each POSB, OCBC, and Citibank bank card’s address separately. It is pretty simple, you just need to log in to your online portal for your bank, and update your personal particulars. 

Next on your list, you should have other corporations that you need to update and notify of your changes. Start to think about your other payments or billing such as your insurance. The steps are really similar to updating your bank details. You can do it through your online account. 

You can also think about updating your phone company details. Then, consider setting up your brand new home cable set. If you already have an existing one, you may simply call your cable company and arrange for them to set up at your new house. If not, do some research on the current cable promotions and arrange for a new plan for your home. 

Once you have settled everything that is more important, you can start thinking of the other things you have to update. Some examples are your magazine subscriptions, newspapers, and even your e-commerce website address. If you don't, someone is definitely going to be enjoying all your free things! Of course, don’t forget to update your other apps such as your Foodpanda, Grab, and Deliveroo accounts! 

Don’t forget to add any other people that you may need to update! Try thinking of your everyday life and recall if you have any subscriptions such as a SAFRA membership, or just updating your new address at work. 

Sounds like a lot, huh? That is why you should have a list! Once you start writing things down, you will start to remember other subscriptions, organizations, or apps that you may want to update. Or… you can learn it the hard way by ordering your favourite meal and sending it to your old address.

You may also want to consider having a security system in your home. If you do, don’t forget to do some research on good security systems before you make your final decision. 

After getting all of this settled, you are officially a resident of your new home! 


Nadiah Rafhanah is a young aspiring writer and avid reader who dreams of one day opening up her own book cafe catered specially for other writers and readers like her.