Black plates | Making your home food looks fine.

Here’s why the colour of your dinnerware matters

While styling your food is a skill to master, I’ve found that what gives my home cooking an edge in class and style is my brand new black dinnerware. Guys, this has been a game changer in adding that fine touch to your modern home. 



I don’t know about you, but my meals are the highlight of my day. An extrasensory explosion of taste, smell, and the hidden gem that most cooks miss out on -- sight. Imagine this: freshly seared protein, creamy drippy ambrosiac dressing sparkling in the light lying against a bed of fresh, succulent vegetables. Now if these words don’t paint a mighty fine picture of paradise.


The smart cook knows that while taste is king, what really elevates your whole experience is how good food looks. Think back on the last Instagram story your friend took at the cafe, and how that picture made you salivate in your mouth and your tummy grumble. The smart cook knows that presentation matters - and you should too. 


So, why black dinnerware? A picture speaks a thousand words: 



Picture 1: Black plates’ bold coolness against a pastel table. 


Doesn’t that have so much class? Black is the modern colour of power and style. And I find that my black plates add that touch of suaveness to my dinner table. They stand out against the array of blasé white plates out, and in turn bring with them originality and style. 




My favourite thing about these black plates is how it contrasts the colour of my food. Let’s take pasta for instance: The ivory green of the pesto basil herbs mix, the deep yellow of the noodles, and the succulence of the tender bacon pork. The depth of the colours enhanced by the matteness of the black plate, and the shiny tenderness of the meat gets the spotlight. giving your eyes something to feast on before your mouth gets a taste. If you don’t believe it, just take a look:

Picture 2: Look at how the colours pop against the dashing coolness of the black plate.

While traditional white plates often wash out the colour of my coloured salads and tender meats. I’ve since traded the white out -- now the food gets all the spotlight. 

Picture 3: One of my favourites - seared salmon. I really love how much more vibrant the bed of mashed potato than on my old white plates..



Furthermore, not only does it make my food look better, studies have shown that eating off a darker plate can do wonders for portion control and appetite as well. The psychological contrast of the colour contrast between the food makes your brain perceive your portions as larger than it is on a white plate, especially on light-coloured food like pasta. So if you’re looking for a way to enjoy a hearty meal and leave the table full and satisfied without guilt, maybe switching to a darker plate would aid you in your dietary goals.


Food is an art. And I’ve found that I’ve levelled up my craft with a bolder canvas. Black dinnerware gives so much colour to your food and makes me that much more excited to get working in the kitchen. And I dare say it makes it taste better too! 



Cavan is a student home cook who enjoys whipping up modern meals for his family at home.