Family Karaoke in Singapore - The Reopening

As we all waited patiently for our PM Lee to finally announce the opening of Karaokes and night life business in Singapore, we turned our heads towards alternatives. Some of us bought home karaoke systems, whilst some of us just sing our hearts out in the shower. 

With the reopening of Karaoke and nightlife, businesses are struggling to bring back business as normal after 2 years of closure.  Before we dive into the updates of our various local karaoke places, we would like to remind readers that despite being at the end of the pandemic, there are still countries struggling to cope with their daily cases. So let's do our part and make sure Singapore can continue to be safe and be socially responsible. 

1. Maximum Group Size 

10 Vaccinated People

2. COVID Testing still needed 

ART are still required for clubs 

3. Safe-Distancing 

Observe 1m safe distancing during mask off activities 


Where to Sing in Singapore. 

Teo Heng Studios 

If you hadn't heard of Teo Heng, you probably didnt live in Singapore long enough. Or you didnt live at all. You may be familiar with their annoying pop up advertisements on Facebook about their portable systems.  Teo Heng Tradings that deal with the sale of such systems is located at their first shop they opened in Singapore. One filled with many memories - Katong Outlet 

Teo Heng Updates


Teo Heng Facebook Page

It is save to say that Teo Heng will be opened on 19th April and an online booking system will be in place for us to book. There are no updates on when the online booking systems will be ready, but we can safely say that it will be a mad rush. We haven't sang our hearts out for 2 years. 

Calling the hotline may not be fruitful as they might be busy reorganising their business back to normal. So let's wait patiently for the opening day. 

Remaining Outlets: 

1.Star Vista 


3.Causeway Point 

Pity me I stay in the east. Sad.



While Teo Heng hold a special place in our hearts and memories with friends and family. K-Star had a different spot in all our hearts. Lights, glamour, parties were the highlights of K-Star. Many cooperate events were held here as well. 


Thankfully, it is save to say that K-star will be resuming businesses on 19th April as well. Although they are opening on 19th April, they used the same facebook post to look for new hires. So check them out if you are looking for a part-time job. If you enjoy watching people sing i guess. 

Although there are no news of any closure - the suntec's outlet is shown as permanently closed on Google Reviews. 

Do call in to reserve as they will not have an online system. 

Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road, #05-01,
Singapore 238896

Booking Hotline:
(65) 6634 2801

Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road, #04-09,
Singapore 238839

Booking Hotline:
(65) 6266 4688



Cash Studio

Despite the name of the karaoke company, Cash Studio was one we visited when we didn't had much in our pockets and still wanted to sing with friends. Their signature, standing mic also gives rockers a feel. Great mic, love the mic - 10/10 recommend to bring a standing mic to every karaoke to groove. 

Unfortunately, there are no updates on Cash Studio being ready to open. They are still doing recordings and production at their Djitsun Mall @ Bedok.

As of 13th April there are still no news. 

cash studio faster open please

taken from cashstudio website - 13th April.

Cash Studio had a total of 6 outlets in it's pre-COVID days. 4 of which, may have closed down. Although it is not confirmed, their remaining outlets are : 

1. Bedok Mall 

2. Simpang Bedok (Members only) 

Have Fun Singapore

have fun singapore

Have Fun Singapore Facebook Update - 7th April

Good news everybody. It seems like all karaoke places in Singapore has came to an agreement to open on 19th April. 

For reservation, drop them a direct message or WhatsApp HaveFun Singapore at +65 8909 1123

It is wise to know that their website has not many functions, so please do your bookings via whatsapp or Facebook DM. 

Outlets Remaining: 

1. 313 @ Somerset 

2. Downtown East 

3. SAFRA Toa Payoh 

4. SAFRA Yishun


Unfortunately, Manekineko has completely closed down and will no longer continue operations in Singapore. Good bye kitty. 


Cheers and Sing Safe, Singapore. 

Updated on 13 - APR