Fengshui and home living: Dinnerware

The art of harmonizing one’s natural energy with the energy in their surroundings is known as feng shui. When arranging a home, where you place objects and how they are aligned go hand in hand to create good energy within a household. Perhaps to the more westernized, this could simply be called, “good vibes”. With all of these steps to follow to ensure great feng shui within a household or a room, shouldn’t these steps then also apply to our dinner tables?

At the dinner table, we often see a mix of various cutleries and tableware, usually picked with no care or afterthought. When furnishing a home with feng shui in mind, we’re often so fixated on the typical items such as dining tables, chairs, placement of furniture and the like, but what if someone told you that even your dinnerware could shape the elements of feng shui when dining with your loved ones at the dinner table?

Generally, the average dinnerware used in Singaporean homes are circular in nature and this is perfect for conducting positive energy. The circular shape of dinnerware allows for the free flow of energy in and around the table, thus creating a better eating environment. While colors do play a part in the types of energy they exude, one shouldn’t always follow such strict color-coding rules. It is often recommended to stick to what your feelings guide you toward, as that is the key factor that will help you in achieving balance within the dining room, keeping you happy and feeling well fed as you dine.


fengshui circular dinner ware

Moving on to color schemes, different colors of dinnerware can bring about their respective psychological effects and thus play a part in creating a certain mood or vibe at your table. For a short but simple guide, refer to the points below where some popular colors are listed.

  • White Dinnerware: brings out the beauty and nourishing properties of whatever is being served on it
  • Blue Dinnerware: Known to reduce the appetite and therefore, weight loss
  • Red, Orange and Yellow Dinnerware: Known to increase the appetite
  • Black Dinnerware: is a color that exudes power and strength, a symbol of water energies, and the color of money (according to Fengshui)
    -If you (or your wife) do not want to have a black wall in your homes, a black dinnerware set will accentuate the flow of water energies within your home and maybe, bring you greater wealth.

On a side note, before you ditch your square-ish plates for a completely new set of circular ones. Do know that square plates aren’t necessarily bad for feng shui at the dinner table. They simply give off and create a different kind of energy. The energy that square plates give off tends to be slower and less constant than their circular counter parts. In other words, square-ish dinnerware need not necessarily be a bad thing when dining with your loved ones in the comfort of your home. After all, slowing down the pace of a meal at a table filled with family and friends isn’t anything to feel negative about.


Written and edited by : Joshua Sim