Gift ideas for mooncake festival to break the norm in Singapore

With hungry ghost festival just around the corner, the mid autumn festival is slowly lurking behind. Traditionally, to impress your future parents in law or your elders, you may resort to buying expensive branded mooncakes. 

But if you are feeling generous, mooncakes are not the only things that can be gifted during this season. There are tons of other gift ideas that can impress your future parents in law and make them finally accept you as part of their family. 

Although love triumphs all, we know deep down in our local scene, managing and having a good relationship with your in-laws is as important as your love for your partner. Jokes aside, let's move on with the gift ideas!


Chinese tea sets 

The perfect pairing for any amazing mooncake is a nice hot cup of chinese tea, which means the perfect gift pairing for mooncakes are a set of amazing tea sets. 

T2 Tea Wares

T2 teaware

Alternatively, we found T2 to hold the largest collection of tea wares. With tons of designs to choose from and price range, you get good quality tea ware that looks amazing with any home theme. 


Sake sets 

Although uncommon, some families do enjoy the pairing of sake with mooncake. The acidity and subtle sweetness of sake brings out the savoriness of white lotus paste taste to another level. 

Duke Kyoto Sake Set from Shift and Pick

Sake set

It’s authentic Japan made sake set with an amazing blue hue finish. Classy and vibrant. This sake set is one of my personal favorites. 

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Sake talk 

Sake talk has probably the largest collection of sake sets. Ranging from normal small sake glasses to Masu which is the traditional wooden square box you get when you order sake from any izakaya. 

They have a wide selection that covers every possible design you can think of. 

Spirits and alcohol 

If the pairing of sake and mooncakes are possible. It opens up a whole new world for alcoholics out there. Some would argue that a strong fortified wine fits perfectly for any traditional mooncake and a nice sweet Riesling or any dessert wine can go perfectly with a chilled fruity snow skin mooncake. 

Dessert wines 

Where else to find your wine fix than wine wholesale. The largest online wine collection you can find in Singapore. 

Here they feature a huge range of Moscato that can go perfectly with any traditional mooncakes.

Wines wholesales dessert wines 

Fortified wines 

Port, also known as fortified wines, are stronger wines. Some may be familiar with the term sherry. Sherry is rarely drunk in Singapore, however, the hype for sherry is definitely making it’s way back for it’s longer shelf life and it’s amazing pairing with Asian food. 

Wines wholesales fortified wines

Dinnerware sets 

A set of beautiful orient plates can set the mood for the mooncake festival. Here are some of our dinnerware sets that are perfect for any gifting purposes. 

tokyo garden &glazed set

Tokyo garden 2 piece set


For only $22.90, you get an amazing set of 2 of our Tokyo gardens collection. The smaller dessert plate is perfect for any mooncakes you will be enjoying this season. And a bigger one for sharing. 

For more gift sets check out our store: &glazed gift sets.

Fruits basket

Pomelo can’t be ignored during the mooncake festival. Pomelo signifies a prayer for a male offspring. It is believed that Chang'er, the goddess of the moon will look down and see pomelos as a prayer for a son. Although many don’t know the reason for having pomelos during the mooncake festival, we still enjoy them anyways during this season. 

Visit The fruit hut for any fruit basket deliveries during this season. They offer many other options of fruit baskets that are fully customizable. 

However, if you are just looking for a pomelo, go to your nearest supermarket. It will be widely available and at a cheaper price as well!