How does Microwave affect your dinnerware set?

Microwaving your food heats it from the outside in, this same concept also applies to whatever is holding your food, whether it be a plastic container, or a nice ceramic bowl. If you’ve tried microwaving food in a plastic container, it can sometimes get hot enough to melt the plastic, which is no good at all. Which is why you should always transfer the contents into a proper bowl or plate for it to be heated up.

Basically, a microwave oven produces radiation that stimulates and vibrates any water molecules within its enclosure. This is the reason why your food sometimes ends up being hot on the surface, but cold in the middle. I’m sure you can understand why heating food up in a plastic container could turn out badly. Rest assured, &glazed has got you covered with a wide range of porcelain and ceramics that are microwave safe! Do take note that if the product is glazed or mixed with other materials, this will affect its properties and your safety when throwing it in the microwave.

When looking at plates on our store, do take note of the microwave friendly sign on the product page as not all the dinnerware sets that we have available are fully microwave safe. Some collections are purely for decorative purposes.

If you would like to check if the dinnerware you own is microwave safe, place it in the microwave with a cup full of water and heat on high for about thirty seconds. If your plate turns out to be hotter than your cup of water, then it is not microwave friendly. Additionally, plates with shiny metals should never be microwaved as they may react with the microwaves generated and have potentially dangerous aftereffects.

Commonly asked questions about microwaves and plates

What types of dishes do not get hot in the microwave?

Dishes that are non-porous will not get hot in the microwave. The best material to use in the microwave would be melamine. Always check the product descriptions and look out for the microwave friendly sign before purchasing any wares from us!

Can all plates go in the microwave?

As long as the plate is microwave friendly, it will be fine to use them to heat up your food.  When in doubt, use the steps provided above to perform a quick check.


 Written and edited by : Joshua Sim