How to achieve a homely dining environment at home

Kitchen - Heart of The House

The kitchen is like the heart of the house, where homeowners and household members spend significant time cooking and sharing intimate moments during meal times. Depending on the household preferences, the kitchen area may be spacious and comfy, small and cosy or somewhere optimal in between. It should be welcoming and wholesome to bring the family closer. This write-up guides on how to achieve a homely dining environment at home that you and your loved ones can experience.

Optimal Kitchen Space

While the kitchen generates heartbeats with conversational flows, the dining table functions as a hub where the beats and flows connect. Often, we accumulate items on tables, chairs and floors without realising them, especially when the dining area is within the kitchen. Tight spaces that hamper movements lead to tense moments among household members. Hence, members need to discuss which lesser-used items to remove or store in cupboards drawers. This shift may seem insignificant, but it is a practical start to achieve a homely dining environment. Sufficient spaces open up the mental capacity to have thoughtful conversations. Round or oval tables provide more room for movement than rectangular ones. Consider stackable stools as they facilitate more space when stacked and put away when not in use. A blog post on choosing the right dining table by, an established interior design firm, has insights into determining viable tables for different kitchen sizes.

Arts and Accents

After creating optimal space, include simple art pieces and decors to add an inviting appeal to achieve a hospitable dining environment. Discuss with home members about desired additions and texture elements. Are the countertop and floor too bland? Add accentuating liners and artistic rugs to create the desired fashion of the family with the practical function of a firm sole grip. Perhaps someone at home is fond of knitting and able to knit placemats to match with the meal table? Are the walls dull or colour-fading? You may consider darker-toned paints to bring out a rustic ranch accent or country warmth. Alternatively, lighter paint tones bring a crisp, fresh visual that soothes the mind. You also can be creative in taking control of lighting fixtures. Install tone-changing lighting to correspond to daytime or nighttime to create a cosy or relaxed ambience. In addition, dinnerware that the family likes and matches the kitchen appearance would extend a hospitable dining experience. You can consider &glazed’s dinnerware collections for individual ware and theme sets.

Window of Brightness and Calmness

In Singapore, the fluctuating weather is a bane to daily commuting and activities. However, we can turn outdoor weather bane into indoor window gain with a touch of inspiration. Utilise the natural-lighted window spot to place a seat and a bookcase to form a cosy makeshift reading corner. Alternatively, a makeshift corner with a wall-mounted folding table provides a soothing space during rainy days to get together for a quick tea break. It is also a good spot for gazing at the night sky while chatting with loved ones after dinner. Moreover, it is an encouraging reading corner for kids to turn to, while adults keep them within sight at meal preparation or after-meal. Think of magazines or other reading materials that spark topics of discussion.

Display of Collections and Memories

Are there souvenirs from overseas and local expeditions or pretty kitchenware that you could not bear to use as serving crockery? With clutters cleared, there is room for creativity with a small display cabinet of collections. It will be a cost-saving bonus if there is a void shelf to make use of displaying them. Arrange them according to trips or themes to reflect the personalities of home members. If they are not feasible, how about a wall pinboard to hold photos that capture valuable moments of family bonding? Roll back memories of schooling, National Service (NS) and working life that mould us into resilient citizens. There would be a few notable snapshots or quotes to pin on the pinboard and relive them. These collections of fond memories evoke closeness to each other that contribute to a homely dining vibe. Take note of installing the fittings securely, use child-safe pins and refrain from fragile collections to prevent injuries and heartbreak.

Continue Homely Kitchen Exploration

With consciousness and creativity to achieve a homely dining environment, we bring family members closer during meal times. Optimal spaces create opportunities for artistic and resourceful additions that generate memorable and motivational discussions, keeping the family spirit lively. Moreover, a hospitable dining environment gives off a welcoming vibe when hosting guests. Therefore, we should continue exploring homely kitchen ideas from life experiences and milestones. For further inspiration, refer to an article by The Spruce - 51 Dining Room Ideas We'd Love to Gather In for a Meal.