Should I dispose or donate my old dinnerware and crockery? - Singapore

Have you looked into your stash of special dinnerware ,all stacked up that you keep for special occasions but we are just way too lazy to bring them out and think, I have way too many plates and bowls. But there is no proper channel to donate them and throwing them is just too big of a hassle. 

We will share how to properly discard your broken homewares and/or donate non broken used dinnerware. 

How to dispose broken plates and bowls 

If your plates and bowls are broken and you wish to dispose of them, wrap them up in newspaper and/or any form of protective materials, sharp shards can tear through the bag and harm your estate cleaners accidentally. 

Only consider donating or selling them if they are still in working conditions. 

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Where to donate old dinnerware

Here are the three main places to donate your used dinnerware. We would like to highlight that not all donation places accept dinnerware due to its difficulty in reselling/recycling them. We have curated the following that accepts old and pre-loved dinnerware.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army accepts pre-loved items and processes them. After which, they will pick up good functional items and resell them in the family store for buyers. You can find the donation booths at the link here

OLIO Free sharing App

This mobile application features a “no pay” system to encourage sustainability. You can simply place your pre-loved dinnerware on their platform and give them away to other families that may need them. Download the app here -- OLIO. The app supports both IOS and Android users. 

SSVP Thrift Shop 

If you live closer to the east, SSVP can be found near the Aljunied area. The thrift shop is closed on Monday and is open from 10am - 4pm. Do check their website to see what they accept, currently they do accept homewares. Check them out here

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We hope that through this article, we can drive better sustainability in our usage of products.