What to do with my broken ceramic dinnerware?


Suppose one day you happen to drop and break your ceramic dinnerware, do be careful as picking up the pieces by hand can be dangerous. Always remember to handle all broken pieces with care. When disposing of the broken dish, wrap it in a few layers of old newspaper before throwing it out. This will prevent any injuries and keep our trash collectors safe.

Usually, when dishes are broken, the very first thought we have is to clean up and toss them away as it doesn’t serve its purpose any longer. If you had no attachment to the piece whatsoever, you could do that. But if it had some form of sentimental to you, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, yet.

So what else can I do with it?

  1.     Repair them with a Kintsugi kit

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery through the use of lacquer or epoxy. Traditionally, the hardening agent is mixed with powdered precious metals such as, gold, silver, or platinum to effectively fix the broken pottery and give it a beautiful finish.

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A certified Kintsugi kit will allow you to fix your broken ceramic ware, and still keep it food safe and microwave friendly. Alternatively, you can still fix your dinnerware with epoxy and some gold paint. This method is purely for aesthetic purposes and you will not be able to use the repaired dinnerware for food at all.

  1.     Upcycle and convert the broken dinnerware into art pieces

In my years of travel, I’ve found some amazing works done with pieces of broken ceramics. A particular mosaic was what caught my eyes when I was travelling around Barcelona. While this is one of the ways you could upcycle and make use of the broken pieces, you would need quite a sizeable quantity in order to create a proper art piece. To our younger audience, this isn’t saying that you should intentionally break your dinnerware just to create something for you to display.

If you’d really like to create a mosaic of some sort, you can purchase tiles online for your art project. Combine these with your broken ceramic plates and bowls and you’ll be able to create something unique!


Written and edited by : Joshua Sim