Wholesale Dinnerware and F&B Dinnerware Supplier in Singapore

Know Your Budget

 The best deals come to those who buy in bulk.

Based on the theme and direction of your restaurant, you will have to set an appropriate budget for dinnerware. There are options in virtually every price range from a list of wholesale retailers.


Consider durability

 We don't want the plates to be shattered upon first use.

Commercial dinnerware tends to be pricier than regular home dinnerware, and that is largely due to their ability to withstand more wear and tear for an extended period of time, which is not necessary for regular home use.


In line with theme

 A classy fine-dining restaurant or a casual American diner?

Even though the food is important, the correct dinnerware used can make or break the entire presentation of a dish. Make sure that your dishes fit in well with the mood and tone of the restaurant for a coherent overall feel for your diners.


Plastic or glass?

 The weight of the materials matter to your staff.

There are some restaurants that work well with paper plates, whereas some prefer fine china or melamine. The material of the dinnerware determines the weight of it. Be sure to select something that best suits you and your restaurant's needs.




Are you new F&B business owners? There are probably some questions that run through your mind whilst planning for your grand opening. Marketing efforts , talent acquisition , rental & designs just to list a few. Although &glazed is not able to provide the full spectrum of help, we offer you our experience and service when it comes to dinnerware. 

With good and strong relations with our overseas suppliers, our stocks are constantly replenished. We aim to give the best service in our industry because we know the importance of it. 


F&B Dinnerware Procurement FAQs

The cost of dinnerware depends on the quality and quantity of the product. Knowing your budget will play a huge role in which designs you are going for. Based on your theme of the restaurant and also your target audience, the price ranges on the complexity of the dinnerware. Simpler designs are usually more affordable, whilst beautifully glazed dinnerware will cost more. 

Durability of the dinnerware should be your top priority. Choosing dinnerware that fades after a few dinner services is not going to be your top choice. Ceramic and china are the top few materials that can sustain high amount of heat and a little drop might not break it as well.

Glass, Ceramic or Melamine. These are the three main materials that F&B businesses typically go for. Melamine gives off a dull vibe that are commonly used in hawker centre, whilst ceramic and glass can elevate your food while not out shadowing your food.

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