Akari 5-piece Gift Set

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Add some zen into your homes with our line of Japanese-styled gift sets. Introducing Akari, our 5-piece gift set with bold lines and colours that will be a fit for all dining tables. Our 5-piece gift set comes with a pair of complementary chopsticks to finish off the perfect gift for any home.

Be it soups, noodles, rice, or side dishes, our 5-piece gift set has a size to fit for all.


The Akari 5-piece Gift Set comes with:

1 x 3.5-inch dish (9cm x 2.5cm)
1 x 4.3-inch dish (11cm x 2.5cm)
1 x 4.5-inch Small bowl (11.5cm x 6cm)
1 x 5.1-inch Small bowl (13cm x 6.5cm)
1 x 6.2-inch rectangle plate (16.5cm x 10cm x 2cm)
1 pair of chopsticks (22.5cm long)


Items from the Akari series are microwave/dishwasher-safe.

Each piece is unique and colours and shapes may vary slightly from the photos.