Tokyo Gardens 4-piece Gift Set - F

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For a peaceful Japanese design, we have our Tokyo Gardens gift set. The well-made dinnerware pieces feature a delicate floral design, inspired by the beautiful flowers blooming in the streets of Japan.

Coupled with a deep blue at the edges and a snowflake finish, these pieces could make any kitchen look like a professional Japanese restaurant. We recommend plating your favorite Japanese dishes (think broiled fish and grilled dishes) on our Tokyo Gardens dinnerwares.


The Tokyo Gardens 4-piece Gift Set comes with:

2 x 4.3-inch Small Bowl (11cm x 5.5cm)
2 x 5.5-inch Small Round Plate(14cm x 2.1cm)


Items from the Tokyo Garden series are microwave/dishwasher-safe.

Each piece is unique and colours and shapes may vary slightly from the photos.