Vintage Solids 4-piece Gift Set

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Featuring our most popular piece, the Vintage Solids 8-inch Medium Round Plates, we have bundled them up into a 4-piece gift set, which is perfect to send over to friends and family who love delicate and dainty dinnerware pieces to add to their collection (we hear it's really popular with the ladies!).

We absolutely love plating beautiful desserts and after-lunch treats on this piece and we highly recommend you to try it too.

P.S. the plates look stunning on an Instagram photo as well!


The Vintage Solids 4-piece Gift Set comes with:

2 x Vintage Solids 8-inch Medium Round Plate - Sky (20cm x 2.3cm)
2 x Vintage Solids 8-inch Medium Round Plate - Cream (20cm x 2.3cm)


Items from the Vintage Solids series are microwave/dishwasher-safe.

Each piece is unique and colours and shapes may vary slightly from the photos.